While tackling strategies daringly we guarantee the power and intellectuality of each and every tactical step.

Generally, we co-work with business units willing to implement educational and cultural projects. Often does it happen we deal with CSR-projects or some unusual and socially useful advertising campaigns, NGO’s, brand people, teams that spread knowledge offline or via Internet.

We stick to our mantra: make every project a WOW-project! Considering the fact that even the smallest project possesses the DNA both of a partner company and ours, we strive to the WOW-level guide-mark consistently.

We work at the crossroads of PR and Events. The very Event never comes out as a final product as we ensure the novelty, quality of experiences, not to mention the originality of approach. We are never afraid to adopt, but we dread to copy. Thus, the quality of impressions creates the additional value.

The Harley-Davidson team is aware of selling adventures instead of motorcycles only. In like manner the Bookinbag team cognizes that makes money on experiences and impressions, on creative management, well-timed and uber-professional information.

Bookinbag is a space of collective intellectual work where talent and mastership dictate. Every single project boasts the inspiring individuality which we caringly guard.

We permanently work in a chaotic mixture of ideas, doubts and unexpected steps of our partners, though holding on tight to our team guidelines: Keep Calm and … forward committed relationship. Always.

PR is a policy. And it has to be smart.

Our leadership is situational and the business model is still being polished, as far as copying is a kind of business in style of karaoke (A hint on a book “Karaoke Capitalism: Managing for Mankind Perfect” by Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale). Here is a quote to cognize:

The core of any company needs to be firmly founded on a unique value proposition to customers. IT – is an enabler, nothing more and nothing less (technology doesn’t make you less stupid, it just makes you stupid faster). It is infrastructure…Karaoke copying the others does not lead you to sustainable competitiveness.

A career at Bookinbag is a chain of intermingling projects. Our cross-functional team gives the fastest opportunity for a specialist to grow professionally. We cultivate a passion for renovation and labour at a personal brand in a real life and virtual space.

Never do we blame anyone for failures, but consider what could have been done better and wiser at the same circumstances. And all the conclusions are preserved in our inner “Bible of Project Management”.

Time is precious for us, so we work with unfair and unprecise individuals at no time.

What about our deadlines? Well, we stick to redlines. In such case our partners rely on us to the last detail and major force is really unnoticed. Our policy consists of doing more and knocking ones socks off.

The value of our management lies in its intellectual basis: we attract new audiences to our partners’ events; we sell and serve their ideas in a fabulous and delicious manner with a right “dressing” meditating the terms of gastro-esthetics.

* for a full immersion one should quote “The Art Firm: Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing” by Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (the abovementioned book together with “Re-imagine!” by Thomas J. Peters have drastically influenced our discourse.

Imagine an art firm with faith in European philosophy, a place where art is made to work, where aesthetics is the operative management theory for the enterprise. Imagine that Fred Nietzsche has just been appointed managing director of this operation. His r?sum? lists an MBA earned with a man named Schopenhauer and a stint as a public relations expert for the Bayreuth Festival. Although he had some problems with Richard Wagner, CEO for the festival, the global success of the project was indisputably part of the job description for this man Nietzsche.

Imagine further that Joseph Beuys has just been appointed to lead human resource management. You know…he’s the chap in the felt hat, the one who is lecturing in the company art space.

The adamant position on the market is fully be taken by a company possessing good will and spirit – that is the reason for these rules to be outlined.

We are going to polish them passionately. And if lucky, let’s do it with you.

Bookinbag, with all the responsibility

Килина Бішер

Having realized the essence of idea management and creative supervision, I made a decision to create Bookinbag. First and foremost – for me.

I am not a fan of strict hierarchy, so I have formed a team able to make a stunning breakthrough in a cultural sphere of Ukraine. With our without me.